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Christine Barnes offers Meditation sessions, meditation courses and Reiki 1 & 2 courses in and near Lakes Entrance.

Download Spirit Arts full Events for 2017 here:

A weekly meditation session happens in Lakes Entrance, at Purpose in the Hub, every Monday and Thursday morning from 9:15 am till 10:00 am. Monday is a gentle guided meditation to set the scene for your week ahead and Thursday morning is a Guided Crystal Meditation. Thursday evening is a Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation using Hypnotherapy techniques.

Christine also offers courses in Reiki 1 and 2 for those wishing to take their spiritual development to the next level.

Below is a brief outline of the Courses and Events Christine has planned for 2017. For a full description, please download the .pdf file of a full Calendar of Events for 2017 here.

Events in 2017:

Basic Meditation Course

The Basic Meditation Course is a natural starting point if you’re new to Meditation and mindfulness. The course is suitable for those with no prior experience and aims to teach you how to meditate from the ground up – presenting a range of different techniques and, more importantly give you a clear understanding of what meditation is and how it works or is a great refresher for those that have been meditating and want to learn a few different methods.

Mindful Mini Meditation Retreat

The Mindful Mini-Retreat is the logical next step for anyone who has been meditating with us for a while and is looking to refine and develop their skills. It is designed to free you from dependence on guidance, instruction or ‘techniques’ and to encourage you to develop your own ways of meditating. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday; an opportunity to take some time out and reflect, rest and recharge in the company of fellow meditators. The mini-retreat is also suitable for those new to meditation, but looking for a gentle, organic and thought-and emotion-friendly approach and those experienced meditators who are looking to explore, critique and fine-tune their meditation practice. In this respect, the workshop is an ideal ‘refresher’ and a great way to reclaim your enthusiasm for and interested in meditation.

Spirit Art Workshop

Draw your Spirit Guides – Learn the art of drawing your own Angel or Spirit Guide using pastels. No experience necessary, you will learn simply drawing techniques that anyone can learn. You will be guided through meditation to connect with the energy of your guides or angels to produce a wonderful drawing to take home. Spend a relaxing, fun and creative afternoon and learn a new skill.

Reiki 1 & 2

Learn to use this traditional Japanese healing modality to help heal yourself and others.

Practitioner level training with introduction of symbols. (Min. 6 weeks integration time after Reiki 1)

Spiritual Intuition (Psychic) Development

Check the 2017 Calendar for details and dates.

Reiki 3 - with Reiki Master Teacher

Take your Reiki to the next level, learn a new symbols & explore the principles of Master Healers. (Pre-requisite for Reiki Mastership)

Please download the full 2017 Calendar here.

Contact Details

  • Address: Lakes Entrance
  • Phone: 0412 183 341
  • Mobile: 0412 183 341
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Categories: Healing/Therapies Professional Services

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